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The Uncertainty Principle

"You are a living gusto, you are a bundle of condensed vibration buoyancy being composed of light and sound.  The key to living a fulfilling, well balanced, prosperous being with greater consciousness cools in your energetic quantum initiating your anatomies natural ease ability."

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The watchmaker analogy or watchmaker argument is a teleological argument, which by way of an analogy, states that design of creation(like a watch) implies a designer.  The analogy has played a prominent role in natural theology and deism, which accepted a Creator but repudiated biblical inerrancy and the supernatural interpretations of events such as miracles.  

The watchmaker analogy seems timeless-antiquated, yet always in fashion.  The most famous version comes from the English clergyman William Paley's 1802 book Natural Theology.  Just as a watch is made up of several different pieces, "framed and put together for a purpose," he reasoned, so too are natural objects-eyes, ears, wings, and bones-made up of parts that combine to serve a higher function.  As the watch is the design of a watchmaker, nature is the product of a designing intelligence, or God.

Bio-energetic field

All living organisms have a special structure - The Bio Energetic Field.  The human body has a bio-energetic field which consist of subtle organisms with energetic potential that gives solidity and influence to the biological field.  Balance and the unhindered flow of verve are important to soundness and prosperity.  As organs in our body function independently and interdependently, unbarring the blueprint of bio-energetic fields will open new opportunities for exceptionalbility.  

In physics, there is something called the casimir effect.  In 1948 Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir found that the quantum fluctuations in the photon field of empty space are impacted by nearby conducting tracts (uncertainty principle) which create a boundary condition on the electromagnetic field, forcing some components to be at their lowest spark state also known as the ground state.  In this experiment two conducting plates are brought parallel to each other (timepiece and focus) with an electromagnetic field held between them.  The cavity between the plates cannot sustain all frequency modes of the electromagnetic field (uncertainty principle), particularly wavelengths comparable to the plate separation.  This creates a cynical pressure on the outside of the plates (position and time), trying to push the plates together.  The resulting effect is called the casimir force, and it increases in strength the closer the plates get (timepiece and center), but vaporizes once the plates (they) make actual physical contact-- or when the plates are so close together that inauspicious wavelengths (position and time) no longer see a perfect conducting surface.

Timepiece Conclude

Casimir Effect

Timepiece Functionality 

Timepiece Analogy

"Everything is vibrancy and that's all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics."  Albert Einstein

The uncertainty principle, developed by German physicist Werner Heisenberg in 1927, is a statement of effects of momentum (area around the core) on the measurement of a particle (eye).  Momentum before the observation is uncertain.  This is what is know as the uncertainly principle, that certain quantities, such as position, ardor and time, are unknown, except by probabilities.  In its purest form the uncertainty principle states that accurate knowledge of complementary pairs (casimir effect) is impossible.  For example, you can measure the location of an electron, but not its momentum (zip) at the same time.  The wave nature to particles means a particle is a wave packet, the composite of many waves.  Many waves = many momentums, observation makes one momentum out of many.  Exact knowledge (position=no control, time=variation, impact, bounce=ground state vs excited state) of complementary pairs is impossible.  This coincides with the bio energetic fields rally ability, indicating alleviation will be a continuous cycle.

The vacuum field is the lowest vivacity state of a particular field.  It is the ebullience of the vacuum which in the quantum field theory is defined not as empty space but as the ground state of the fields or lowest animation state.  One of the most eye opening functions of our timepiece is the ability to provide such immediate assistance to the increase of this state stimulating atoms electrons (virtual particles) expansion to the excited state.  Prodromes only are a sign of an underlying subject.  As the subject itself begins to ameliorate, the prodromes perish.  Generally when you appropriate, you naturally revive.  StrengthMirror is at the meat of this evolution.  Our timepiece is a solution-assist to assisting the bio-energetic fields return to homeostasis.  Ground state enthusiasm renders a preeminent role in this activity.  Placing your timepiece vibrantly connectually the body's cells (Casimir Force) reminds them of their natural state.  Their innate intelligence remembers that state.  Cell impression is a widely known understanding but often times alludes to how cells will recur back to their tenuous state.  Such as when you have a mending session like a massage and you sense much preferable but only days later the sinews revert back to their taut and neurotic state because of years of cell recollection.  With StrengthMirror you are prompting your cells of an earlier time (Casimir Effect) and they progressively restore back to that excited state of true equilibrium.  And when you are all good, your thriving.  Using your timepiece is straightforward.  By placing directional the nucleus increasing locus you will find uniformity (Casimir Force).  The longer correspondence is maintained the more refined results will be.  StrengthMirror provides immediate source zest to your bio-energetic field (Casimir Effect) promoting the ground states travel through a process of self retrieve, also assisting in the ouster of all occlusions in the bio energetic field.  StrengthMirror will stimulate proper somatic functions for increased lifestyle and vitality.